Visual Admin Tools That Seamlessly Integrate Into Your .NET Core Web Apps

Visually schedule and manage your backend jobs

Easily configure and view health metrics

View tabular reports of your Entity Framework Core data


Database Peristed Job Scheduling

Database persisted schedules keep your prod environment isolated from testing and development.

Viewing which jobs failed and what caused the errors is also a peice of cake.


Customizable Tabular Reports

Ever needed a reporting system that integrated seemlessly into your app?

Coravel Lenses are easily configured tabular reports that allow you to gain detailed insights into your application's data.

Health Metrics Dashboard

Determining the health of your app usually requires spinning up your SQL editor of choice and remembering those one-off queries.

No More.

Build and view your health metrics using a beautiful dashboard. Easily configured in your app's code.


Manage Your Backend Jobs

Why manage your app's backend jobs using database admin tools?

What a hassle.

Coravel gives you an intuative user interface to run and manage your jobs right from your app.


Accelerate Your .NET Core Development Now.

Let Me Know When It's Ready!

I created Coravel to help .NET developers have a way to get started quickly without requiring all the extra infrastructure. Indie devs shouldn't need Cron, Windows Task Scheduler, Redis, RabbitMQ, etc. just to get a production ready app started!

Coravel Pro takes this to the next level and gives you a beautiful UI with powerful tools to manage your .NET Core apps in an even easier way!

James Hickey - Creator of Coravel